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At The Charlton Carpet Company, we supply and install laminate flooring in Charlton SE7, Greenwich SE10, Blackheath SE3, Deptford SE8 and all over South East London

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is made up of a variety of materials, depending on the manufacturer. Most are MDF, or medium density fibreboard, which is a durable engineered wood product that resists moisture. A melamine laminate top is attached to the wooden fibre. Some of the new hybrid products replace the photographic paper with a very thin slice of real wood veneer. This gives a superior look and finish.

Why install laminate flooring?

Laminates are extremely durable and are great for homes with a high degree of foot traffic (children and pets add significantly to traffic in a home). They are incredibly easy to maintain and will not fade, even in direct sunlight. Most laminate flooring comes with a triple warrant against wear, staining and fading.

Installing laminate flooring

Installing laminate is easy for some and difficult for others. If you’re a skilled handy person, someone who can hang a door and do simple carpentry, you can probably do the job. However, professionals can install the majority of all laminate flooring jobs in a day or less, while it will probably take you 2 to 3 days of hard work. If you’re not sure if the job is for you, find professional installers. If you decide to have the floor installed professionally, make sure you hire a reputable company. We only employ insured and skilled installers.

Where is laminate not useful?

We don’t recommend installing laminates in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Water on the top layer will not damage it as it would hardwoods, but problems can develop when moisture works its way along the edges or underneath.

Cost of laying laminate flooring

The cost of supplying and laying a laminate floor starts from £14.99 to £44.99 per SQM.

Our fitters have many years experience laying laminate floors in shops, offices and homes across London.

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